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Fall-Blooming Flowers and Plants

by Results Realty Group LLC 08/02/2020

Photo by SGuillory via Shutterstock

The approaching winter may have you thinking that your garden simply can’t compete with the reds and oranges of fall leaves, but you have some great choices for fall blooming flowers. Whether you’re in a colder or more moderate climate, you can brighten up your property this fall with these top fall perennials.

It’s a great idea to begin your search with pansies. Check out your local garden center to see what kind flourish best in your area. You can plant them in garden beds, pots or hanging baskets for a colorful display. They love cool weather and come in small to spreading varieties. If you expect only a mild winter, try pinching pansies during planting to get a bushier look and more flowers for longer in the season. Another reliable choice is garden mums. A fall color splash for any landscaping plan, and reliable in most climates, garden mums add brilliance to your flower beds or in hanging pots.

Expecting a Colder Winter?

Flowering kale and cabbage plants can handle temperatures down to five degrees and even light snow and frost. If frost comes early in the season in your area, offset the slowdown in growth by planting the largest ones you can find. Combine these flowering veggies with garden mums for longer-lasting winter flowers. For some variety, combine these with ornamental grasses like Cheyenne Sky Red Switch Grass that, when planted early enough, are stable throughout the winter months. Try to get these grasses into the ground around six weeks before the first frosts are expected.

Snow peas are another great, edible, winter choice. Even while seedlings, sweet white snow peas can easily handle light frosts. Get these into the ground a bit earlier than the grasses mentioned above. For best results, shoot for two months before the first frosts. At the same time, you can add ornamental lettuces to your flower beds, giving them time to grow before those first cold nights.

For some fall to spring blooms, check your flower and garden stores for dianthus. An annual flowering plant, these are great to fill in spaces in your flower bed and, when planted early enough, can survive the whole winter. For the longest life span, get your dianthus into the ground early enough to build a stable root system and ensure the ground is well-drained. Standing water can drastically reduce the lifespan of your plants. So for optimal results, add mulch to your flowerbeds to protect your plants through the winter, and with a bit of luck, you’ll have a healthy garden when spring comes around.

Not sure what plants work best for your area? Wonder if specific plants or layouts can increase your home’s value? Talk to your real estate agent about the best choices for value and ask them for professional garden and landscaping recommendations to get the best results.