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Staging the Exterior of Your Home

by Results Realty Group LLC 04/11/2021

Image by F. Muhammad from Pixabay

Selling your home requires staging your home. Staging means preparing your home for showings, tours or professional photography aimed at advertising and selling your property to potential buyers. While staging the interior of the home is crucial, preparing the exterior is just as important. Your goal is to make the best possible first impression and get the best possible price for your home.

Here are some tips for getting the exterior of your home ready for staging:

Reduce Clutter

Removing and organizing clutter is usually the very first step in staging preparation. While you might think it only matters for the inside of your house, clutter in your yard or entryway can have a huge effect on first impression. Consider decreasing the amount of plants or furniture on your front porch in order to create the illusion of more space. Make sure that any stray tools, equipment, supplies or other items are in their proper places.

Clean and Polish

Invest in renting a power-washer to deep clean surfaces like driveways, pathways, decks and siding. Pay careful attention to the details, too. To best prepare for potential homebuyers visiting, dust, sweep and/or polish surfaces that people might touch or look at up close. This might include features like railings, gates or other built-in decorative structures.

Touch Up Landscaping

Trim your lawn, bushes and trees in order not to appear overgrown. Clean up any dead or wilting plants and clearly define any paths or walkways. If you have flower beds, consider planting fresh in-season flowers to add visual appeal and keep the space looking tidy. If you do not have space to plant, you can add flower pots or planters—just make sure not to create unnecessary clutter.

Adjust Decor

Staging your home means preparing it for a wide variety of potential buyers. This means that people with many styles, preferences and backgrounds will judge the decor along with other details of the house. Exchange any bold patterns or bright colors for neutral shades that are visually pleasing but won’t cause distraction. Ideally, you want them to imagine their own style and decor in this space instead of yours.

Create Comfort and Visibility

Are your outdoor spaces uncovered? If so, consider creating temporary shelter with umbrellas or outdoor curtains. This will help keep potential buyers comfortable in hot temperatures and unexpected rainfall, which will help them visualize their own lives in comfort. If you have a lot of shade or low visibility, add some extra outdoor lighting to set the mood and keep features bright enough to see. This also provides flexibility for early morning or evening showings.

Don’t Forget Other Outdoor Spaces

Remember that you are staging the entire home and not just the front. Make sure that all of your outdoor spaces are clean and ready for visitors. If you have back or side yards of any size, you can apply all of this same advice to create comfort and appeal. This way, potential buyers can see the value and use in these outdoor spaces and the rest of the exterior.

These tips will go a long way in helping you prepare the exterior of your home for staging. However, if you want extra help or are short on time, you can always find a professional designer who specializes in staging.