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All About Whirligigs

by Results Realty Group LLC 08/21/2022

Wind spinners, also called whirligigs, have been a popular outdoor decoration for a long time. They come in many colors, sizes and levels of detail and are also simple to make on your own. With all the choices available it’s difficult to know which will fit your yard. Here are some things to consider when looking for the perfect wind spinner or whirligig for your outdoor space.

Hanging vs. Standing

Wind spinners come in two main varieties: standing and hanging. Though they’re called many names, they all serve the same basic purpose of adding movement and visual interest to a garden, patio or any other outdoor space. Hanging spinners are perfect for covered porches or for hanging from pergolas. You can even hang them from sturdy tree branches or wall brackets.

Standing wind spinners are also called “lawn ornaments” but you don’t need a lawn to enjoy one. Most of them stand up by using a stake in the ground, while others have multiple legs and a base. These ornaments you can put virtually anywhere you have the ground space, as long as there is enough airflow to keep it moving.


Some of the most popular wind spinner materials include metal or plastic. Many have a combination of different materials like cloth or wood to achieve unique looks and types of movement and some also have decorative elements like glass, mirrors or beads to catch and scatter light.

Both plastic and metal spinners have their upsides and downsides. For example, plastic is less expensive but less sturdy. Metal is much stronger but prone to rust if not properly weather treated. Spinners with reflective materials can add light and sparkle to your view but may also cause distraction if facing driveways.


Windsocks are another type of garden ornament that uses the wind. You often see them on top of buildings as they are an easy way to see the direction of the wind from far away. They’re a fun addition to your yard or on your own roof—just be safe when setting one up. Windsocks are typically made of fabric in a cone shape, sometimes including flowing streamers or other decorative accents. The larger, heavier-duty windsocks can withstand strong winds but be mindful of the climate where you live when choosing one.

Wind spinners, kinetic spinners, whirligigs and windsocks are all examples of outdoor decoration that can add a bit of color and flash to your space. All of them use the natural power of wind as their power, so there is no electricity or batteries required. Try one in your yard or garden and enjoy the experience it creates.