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6 Areas you Should Check out When Buying a Home in Florida

by Results Realty Group LLC 08/04/2019

The most crucial point of real estate is location. If you are looking to move to Florida, then it pays to know the best places to check out. When looking to buy a house in Florida, check out this list: 

Pembroke Park 

Pembroke Park is a city situated in Broward County, Florida. Popularly known for its beautiful landscape, Pembroke Park is one of the best places to live in Florida as it houses a lot of beautiful parks, lounges, and hotels. The city has a population of 6,491 people. Getting a house here is not expensive; the median sale price for a home is $77,100. 

Winter Haven 

If you want a taste of luxury, this city is for you. Winter Haven is primarily known for its slew of high-end amenities. Unlike Pembroke Park, the cost of a home in Winter Haven is high, but you will find people of different classes in Winter Haven. Wealthy and middle-class residents alike enjoy living in this area. At the moment, the median cost of a home Winter Haven is $121,600. 


This charming city was founded by Alexander St. Clir-Abrams in 1880. It has a clean and serene environment with tons of excellent amenities. If you want to buy a house in Tavares, you need to be prepared to fork over the cash. The median sales price for a home in Tavares is $121,600. 

Palm Springs 

Good road network, security, beautiful houses, serene environment are some of the few things you will find in this city. Owning a home in Palm Springs will give you the edge socially, but this no doubt comes with a decent financial cost. The median price for a home in Palm Springs is $111,500. 

Orange City 

This city got its name from its thousands of acres of orange groves. Orange City is known for warm temperature, low crime rate and much more. When you buy a home in Orange City, you will immediately feel at home because of its friendly residents. The median home price is $89,000 so purchasing a house in this friendly city is quite affordable. 

St. Cloud. 

St. Cloud is also another beautiful city and one of the best towns to buy a house in Florida. St Cloud is a choice place to buy a home due to the excellent road network, warm weather, fantastic parks, decent school at different levels, etc. Buying a house in St. Cloud may cost you a pretty penny. Presently, the median home price is $159,000.

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